Ven a Oaxaca: Seminario Lacy

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis are pleased to announce today the release of our first video entirely in Spanish. ¡Ven a Oaxaca! – It’s a call for native Mexicans to come and live and study at the Dr. G.H. Lacy Baptist Theological Seminary in, you guessed it, Oaxaca, Mexico. Tucked neatly into the country’s historic south-central mountains, the city Oaxaca is home for IMB missionary, Tom Dyson. Serving now as Interim Director of the 75 year-old seminary, Dyson says the greatest challenge is not creating a great place to train the indigenous missionaries and pastors of Mexico, but finding ways to spread the word about the seminary to Mexicans all over the country. We hope this video will help. It was shot and produced in May, 2012 with support from our firm, CERICDigital CJEllis, the IMB and the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Visit for more information.

¡Ven a Oaxaca! – Es un llamado a los nativos mexicanos a venir a vivir y estudiar en el GH Dr. Lacy Seminario Teológico Bautista en el, lo han adivinado, Oaxaca, México. Ubicado perfectamente en históricos del país centro-sur de las montañas, la ciudad de Oaxaca es el hogar de misionero de la IMB, Tom Dyson. Sirviendo ahora como Director Interino de los 75 años de edad, seminario, Dyson dice que el mayor reto no es crear un gran lugar para entrenar a los misioneros y pastores indígenas de México, pero la búsqueda de maneras de difundir la palabra sobre el seminario a los mexicanos en todo el país . Esperamos que este video te ayudará. Se rodó y produjo en mayo de 2012 con el apoyo de nuestra firma, CJEllis CERICDigital, IMB y el Centro de Estudios de la Gran Comisión en el Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Visita para más información.

IMB Missionary Spotlight interviews: Oaxaca

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis are pleased to announce today the release of a four-part series of video interviews shot in Oaxaca, Mexico in May 2012 for the Center for Great Commission Studies of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The interviews with Tom Dyson can be found on the CGCS blog here:

Missionary Spotlight: Oaxaca, Mexico

The CGCS was blessed in May, 2012 to visit with IMB missionary Tom Dyson in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. There, in the mountains of south-central Mexico, he serves a city of 275,000 people – almost all of them indigenous peoples from all parts of Mexico and from the rural villages surrounding Oaxaca.

We hope these interviews help you gain a deeper understanding of not just this part of Mexico, but of the challenges facing all of our cross-cultural missionaries around the world. And as you connect with Tom on this level, we hope you will seek God more desperately as we seek together to fulfill the Great Commission.


Understanding Calling and Challenges – What will your life count for when it is all said and done? It is a question Tom Dyson asked himself almost 10 years ago when the Lord gave him a vision to leave the secular workplace and serve abroad as a career missionary. Listen in as Tom talks about understanding that calling and some of the challenges he has faced on the field.

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Responding to the Call – Standing over the city he has served since 2004 and reflecting on calling, on life in Oaxaca, and on the students he is now working with at the Dr. G. H. Lacy Baptist Theological Seminary in Oaxaca, Tom Dyson answers the question, “what does it mean to love God?”

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What Do They Believe? – A history of Catholicism and ancient traditions intersect to create what Tom calls confusion about God, about Christ, about Mary, and about the adversary. How do you deliver the Gospel to a people who believe they have already heard it, and believe they already believe it?  Tom Dyson is living it all out in love for his neighbor in Oaxaca.

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From Virginia to Seminario Lacy – He is an agriculturalist from Virginia serving now as an IMB career missionary and Interim Director of a 75 year-old Baptist Seminary in south-central Mexico. How’s that? Listen in as Tom Dyson talks about his road from the secular workplace to the IMB, and what happened next.

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Taking it Outside: Tommy Waltz, Street Preacher

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis is pleased to announce today the release today a new video for Gospel of God Ministries based in Wake Forest, NC.

Gospel of God Ministries is taking IT outside. They are taking the love and grace and truth of Jesus Christ and hitting the streets with open-air preaching, bible and tract distribution and more… And they need your help. Come along as we follow Tommy Waltz on the streets of Raleigh, Asheville, and Boston. Listen to Tommy’s heart and check your own; and prayerfully consider how you can get involved with this ministry.

Contact Tommy at

CERICDigital partners with Southeastern Missions to roll out new blog

WAKE FOREST, NC – J. Boe Ellis of CERICDigital is pleased to announce today the release of a snappy, new blog for the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

The project was spearheaded by the Center’s director Scott Hildreth in partnership with CERICDigital’s J. Boe Ellis, an SEBTS student working also at the CGCS as a media intern.

Incorporating many of the features offered in a WordPress environment, the site was able to afford Hildreth everything he was looking for to move his blog into the future.

We hope you will keep up with Missions at Southeastern by staying in touch with the Center at

CERICDigital and the CGCS are talking missions

WAKE FOREST, NC – J. Boe Ellis is pleased to announce today the release of six new interviews with leading scholars in missiological thought. Listen in to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Missiological Roundtable conversations from the spring 2011 semester.

Special thanks to Center for Great Commission Studies Director Scott Hildreth for his vision for these interviews and for allowing Ellis to conduct and produce them.

We encourage you to check them out at