VIDEO: Firehouse Church Planting with Tony in Stony Creek, NY

Published on the Hudson Baptist Association’s

Tony Lomenzo was looking for a house. The volunteer firehouse found a pastor.

Such is life and God’s design for Stony Creek and other small towns in the Adirondacks.

Could God be calling you to a rural ministry in the Hudson Valley?

VIDEO: Hanging with Paul in Whitehall

Church Planters are a different breed. They are supposed to be the guys who kick-start a ministry with high activity and community involvement. Don’t tell that to Paul Shepherd.

As the relatively new pastor of a 25+/- year-old church in Whitehall, NY, Shepherd is using the principles church planters use, and he is using them out of the same sense of need. “We have a great church here,” he said. “It was a great foundation. And what I wanted to do is turn our focus outward. Through evangelism and outreach, we are getting our people excited about the gospel, and people are getting saved and getting them baptized.”

The video featured here (click the image above) was shot in November, 2014. Thanks for watching.    

Boe Ellis and Hudson Baptist Association partner to release new look into the Up-State

Boe Ellis of North American Church Planting Partnerships and CERICDigital announced today, in partnership with Sean Pierce of the Hudson Baptist Association in Albany / Schenectady, NY, the release of a new video “Looking Up-State: Church Planting in the Hudson Valley and Western Mass.”

The 4:45 piece will be featured on the Association’s Website in an effort to create better awareness for church planting in this a very strategic and densely populated area in what is the most un-reached mission field in North America.

The release is the first of many slated for the HBA over the next week. From interviews with individual planters to other promotional pieces for, we are grateful just to be  involved if even in this small way. Special thanks to Sean Pierce for his vision for the project, and for the Missouri Baptists, who support not only this work but much, much much more in the region.