TRAINING VIDEO: Mission Team Training Boston

When you come and serve the church planters of New England and Greater-Boston, you become part of God’s story in one of the most influential and least-reached places in North America.

And to be most effective in the field, teams need to prepare.

This training video takes you right into the thoughts and needs of the planters, and those they are trying to serve.

If you are already coming to serve a plant in New England or Boston, we pray this training serves you well. Use it in your first team meeting or even in your informational meetings.

And if you are still just thinking about whether God would use you to bring a team up here, we pray this video will help you get to a firm decision, whatever that decision is.

We have hundreds of teams coming throughout the year. They are a tremendous help to our work here. Get involved. Contact Joe Souza – Boston Church Planting – (617) 259-4638.

Exploring New Hampshire Church Planting: new regional videos online

In partnerships with Sean Simonton and the North American Mission Board we are pleased to release today a series of new videos highlighting four different church planting regions in New Hampshire

With interviews and footage acquired in November-December, 2013, we have rolled out our regional videos in tandem with our new Website at

With so many opportunities in the different parts of New Hampshire, we hope you will check out what God is doing here in the Live-Free-or-Die state. And as a great next step, I hope you will call me, Sean Simonton, or Rich Clegg of the NHBA to start a conversation about how God might use you here.

Look for more videos to come out of this special project. We pray God will use it to call more people to our state and to encourage our existing pastors to raise up new leaders and plant new works here.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this type of work possible: Rich Clegg, George Jackman, Bob Kruger, Kevin Fortier, Jeff Christopherson and many others.

VERMONT: Northeastern Baptist College – A Defining Moment for New England

Mark Ballard had a vision. He was willing to pray. And God has honored it all, as Northeastern Baptist College opened its doors for its first-ever semester this fall, 2013.

The impact will be far-reaching for the Kingdom. We believe it is a defining moment for New England.

Finally, instead of heading South for theological training, Vermont students who are called by God now have a great Bible college in Bennington, in their own back yards.

We are so blessed to be able to partner with President Ballard and his faculty, staff, and most of all students, as God calls men and women to plant churches and reach people with the gospel here in Vermont.

Mouse over the image above to launch the video.


Featured on Vermont Church Planting. Heartfelt thanks to Lyandon Warren and the partners who are supporting our work in Vermont.


MNYBA: A Church Planting Center for Jackson Heights, Queens

The Metro-New York Baptist Association has a vision for reaching the nations from the most diverse place on the planet: Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC.

Partnerships are forming now to create a church planting center in Jackson Heights: a physical space, that would house multiple congregations, and allow for citizenship and ESL classes, mission team housing, and more.

It is a huge vision that must involve other churches, state conventions and associations. You can be a part of it. Please watch this video and connect with George Russ in NYC to secure your spot on the upcoming vision tour.

VIDEO: Are You Ready, Fall River, MA? – On the street with Tom Cabral

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VIDEO: Are You Ready, Fall River, MA? – On the street with Tom Cabral

FALL RIVER, MA – When you live and serve in a blue-collar city like Fall River, MA, your best opportunity to share the Gospel is to take it to the streets. And where better than the corner of Rodman and Plymouth Avenues, Fall River’s busiest intersection.

Come along with planter / pastor Tom Cabral of Redemption Fellowship of Fall River as he carries his cross and shares the redeeming message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

VIDEO: Boston CP Christmas Party

CERIC CJEllis was honored to be able to cover the End-of-the-Year Party in Boston this past November 30, 2012. Thanks to Joe Souza and his heart for the planters God has called to this time and this place in Boston. God is on the move in Boston. Will you help us? [divider /]

Published on, December 23, 2012

VIDEO: Boston catalyst focuses on family during Christmas

WATERTOWN, MA – Church planting in Boston is a family affair. Praise the Lord the family is growing, as more then 200 planters, wives and kids were in attendance for the third-annual Boston Church Planting  End-of-the-Year Party on November 30, 2012 in Watertown.

“This is what we are all about,” said pastor / planter Tom Cabral from Fall River, MA. “We drove like an hour and a half to be here. It’s great to be with the guys. It’s great for our wives to get together. And it’s great for the kids.”

It was a great time for everyone involved. The kids all received early Christmas presents compliments of Steve Nerger and the Baptist Convention of New England. And the pastors, apprentices, staff members and their wives, compliments of Micah Millican and the North American Mission Board, all received gift cards as just a small token of gratitude for their steadfast work in one of the least reached areas in North America.

Yet, for all the great food, fellowship, great music and gifts. nothing compares with family. Boston Church Planters have got each other’s backs, and their families’ too.

“This is just something we feel we should do,” said Joe Souza, NAMB Lead Catalyst for the area. “We want our planters to know if you come to Boston, you will never be alone. And Christmas is just the perfect time to love on our guys, their wives, their families and their kids. It’s just awesome what God is doing here in Boston.

“Three years ago, we may have had 25 people at this event. And just look at the way God is growing our family. I am very, very humbled and amazed by the whole thing.”

Amazing indeed. As the kids were grabbing for toys it was Souza, Master of Ceremonies, introducing the band from his own Celebration Church in Saugus, MA. And earlier it was Souza’s wife Patricia, and his sister Anna, with the help of Bree Cobb from the BCNE, serving up all the food. Still earlier, all of their kids got in on the action putting out tablecloths and setting up.

And to think just nine years ago the Souzas were not even in Boston. Neither were most of the families present at the dinner. Souza made light of this fact recognizing the “grandfather” in the room, Curtis Cook, lead planter from Hope Fellowship which was planted  in Cambridge, MA in 2003. Other old-timers included James Thomasson who planted in Taunton, MA in 2006.

Since that time no fewer than two dozen planters from all over the world have answered God’s call to come and plant in Boston. And they are starting now to raise up and send out planters from multiple church planting centers.

So, as the Boston Church Planting family celebrated the end of 2012, it was also preparing to welcome in 2013, a year in which it has already more than 20 planters in the pipeline; planters like Shane Colwell who with his wife Amy arrived in Greater Boston just two weeks ago to plant in Worcester, MA; or planters like Brandon Allison who with his wife Miriam and a team from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX arrived just three months ago to plant a church in Revere.

They come – all of them – to proclaim what has been called by many the greatest miracle of all, that the Son of God would come and live among them.

And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear. And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased! (Luke 2:10-14)

“What a blessing,” Souza commented after the party. “It’s great that it’s over and we don’t have to have a heart attack anymore. But, it’s greater that everybody had a good time, and they know how much we really love them and thank them for their work for the Kingdom.”

NACP Partnerships: Supporting Church Planting & Reaching the Lost in the Northeast and Toronto

NACP Partnerships: Supporting Church Planting & Reaching the Lost in the Northeast and Toronto

Planting new churches is the most effective way to reach the lost – and there are more than 60 million people in the Northeast and Toronto who are living and dying right now without Christ

Boe and Connie Ellis through a ministry called North American Church Planting Partnerships are supporting Southern Baptist church planters and church planting leaders by providing a catalytic, church planting need – that because of the lack of churches in these areas, there just isn’t local funding for.

We invite you to expand the mission of your church, your organization and your family by partnering with us. You can adopt a planter, a church plant, a city or the whole region.

Your prayers, your teams, and your financial giving through the Metro-New York Baptist Association and the Baptist Convention of New England will not just support our ministry but it will underwrite the work that we are giving away to planters who are not equipped to tell their stories and create new partnerships.

Thank you for helping us help them reach their neighborhoods and the nations.

NECPCoalition releases new Podcast

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis is pleased to announce today the release of a new Podcast for the NECPCoalition –

Northeast Church Planting Monthly with Mike Sowers.

Podcasting monthly on iTunes. Subscribe here. 

 The April, 2012 Wrap-up (.mp3, 53 min.) –  Check in with Mike and get the rundown on what was a super-busy, super-exciting April, 2012. Also, check out our Church Planter Spotlight, which is on Tom Cabral, lead pastor with Redemption Fellowship of Fall River, a brand new church plant in Greater Boston / Southern, MA. Tom helps us look at the pros and cons of going back to plant a church in your home town. Finally, as always, we will hear from our church planting strategists / catalysts in the field, as George Russ in New York and Joe Souza in Boston join us online.

Church Planting in Fall River: a Walk in the Park

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis are pleased to announce today the release of a new church planting video for Tom Cabral of Fall River, MA. – Tom Cabral was the man for Fall River. It just took seven years in North Carolina for him to figure that out. And now, as Lead Pastor of Redemeption Fellowship of Fall River, Pastor Tom is living out a calling to bring the Gospel back to his hometown. In this video, you will see Tom in an improbable, impromptu microcosm of church planting in general. God is working out His plan through His faithful servants. The evidence, once you begin to take steps in His name, is often right in front of you.

Northeast Church Planting Coalition and CJEllis partner to launch new site

Boe Ellis and CERICDigital CJEllis are pleased to announce today the release of a new Web site created out of a new partnership with CERICDigital CJEllis and the Northeast Church Planting Coalition. Special thanks to the church planting strategists in Boston, New York and Toronto for participating, and to Mike Sowers of the office of Great Commission Partnerships of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for their support.

Please visit the site here –